1 Arlene Sardine

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Arlene Sardine

Written by Chris Raschka

Reviewed by Noel L. (age 7)

There was a fish named Arlene and she wanted to be a sardine. She had about ten-hundred friends. Arlene was a very happy fish. But, she would have been happier if she was a sardine. Then one day Arlene was caught in a net and died. However, her story is not over.

My favorite part was when Arlene was trapped in the net. This was my favorite part because this was the first step to her journey. The illustrations were beautiful because they were different from other books I have read. When I read this book I felt gloomy because Arlene died, then I felt happy at the end.

I think someone should read this book because it is a fun story. Also, if you like happy endings then this is a good book for you.