1 The Adventures of Taxi Dog

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The Adventures of Taxi Dog

Written by Debra and Sal Barracca

Illustrated by Mark Buehner

Reviewed by Alyssa T. (age 9) & Tiffanie V. (age 8)

The Adventures of Taxi Dog

This book is a rhyming book about a dog that tells about himself. His name is Maxi. He had a hard life. He had to try not to get caught by the pound, and he had to hunt for his own food. One day a taxi man came and said "I'll take you home with me." The man gave him a scarf that is bright red because he was so glad he found him. Then the dog became a taxi dog. The clown gave the dog funny glasses. Then the dog put on a show for the passengers that came in the taxi. Read the book to find out more about The Adventures of Taxi Dog.

We think the book is funny because of what Maxi does. Two funny parts are when the opera singer goes into the taxi and Maxi started singing with her and when the dog put on funny glasses, then he puts on a show for the people who came into the taxi. We also like the book a lot because it is a rhyming book. Our favorite part is when the dog puts on funny glasses then puts on a show for people who came in the taxi. It's a funny part and it made us laugh inside. Our favorite character is Maxi, the dog, because he is funny and he is also interesting. He is interesting because he is a dog that has met a lot of people and has been all over the city.

We recommend this book because it is funny and the illustrations are colorful and full of detail. When the dog puts on his shows, the pictures make us feel like we are the passengers, with Maxi putting on the show for us. We recommend this book to people who likes site seeing all over New York because the illustrations are about New York City.