1 Rudy Visits the North

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Rudy Visits the North

Written by Aubrey Lang

Illustrated by Muriel Hope

Reviewed by Sabrina V (age 7)

Rudy Visits the North

This story is about a bear named Rudy that wants to visit the North where his cousins live. In this book the big idea is that you can get help from someone in order to get where you need to go. A really funny thing that happened in this book is when a moose was helping Rudy, he accidentally broke off one of the moose's antlers and the moose said, "That's okay, it happens all the time in the winter!" Then they used the antlers for a sled to get to the train station.

This book is an adventure. My favorite part of the story is when one of the moose's antlers fall off and they use it for a sled to get Rudy to the train station. My favorite character is Rudy because to me he is a cute little bear. I like this book because an adventure and it is funny. There are alot of funny parts with the moose and Rudy.

I think that this book is good for children to read because there are mostly words that young kids can read, but some are harder and that would be good for helping them learn. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventure stories because this book is a cool adventure. Someone who likes a funny book would really like the part about the moose's antlers falling off.