1 The Knight and the Dragon

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The Knight and the Dragon

Written by Tomie dePaola

Illustrated by Tomie DePoala

Reviewed by Patrick G (age 8)

The Knight and the Dragon

This story is about a knight and a dragon who think they are supposed to fight each other because that is what their ancestors did. They look for books on how to fight because they don't know how to fight. The funny pictures show me that the knight and the dragon aren't very good at fighting. Find out what they end up doing together instead of fighting.

The pictures in this book are colorful, funny and help tell the story. My favorite picture shows the dragon trying to learn how to breathe fire. My other favorite part is when the knight and the dragon miss each other when they finally try to fight. The knight ends up in a tree and the dragon lands in a pond.

I recommend this book because it is special, it doesn't have a lot of words. Instead it uses pictures for words. Anyone who likes fairy tales will enjoy this book. The pictures almost tell the whole story and they are really funny.