1 Happy Birthday Moon

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Happy Birthday Moon

Written by Frank Asch

Illustrated by Frank Asch

Reviewed by AJ (age 7)

Happy Birthday Moon

One night, a bear went out to ask the moon when his birthday is. The bear climbed a tree to ask the moon but the moon couldn't hear him. He went on a boat, into the forest to try to find out when the moons birthday is. Does bear ever find out when moons birthday is?

My favorite part is when the bear climbed the tree because it is cool to climb trees. This book is like some books because some books are climbing books. This book reminds me of when I tried to climb a tree. I was only five when I tried to climb the tree so I didn't reach the top like the bear.

I think children ages 3-5 should read this book because it is cute. It is cute because the bear is asking the moon when his birthday is! Children that age like birthdays so they will probably enjoy this book. I wish I could talk to the moon. I would ask him to come to Earth so I could show him around.