1 Princess in the Spotlight

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Princess in the Spotlight

Written by Meg Cabot

Reviewed by Shanae J. (age 11)

Princess in the Spotlight

Princess in the Spotlight is about a girl named Mia. She finds out she is the princess of Geneva. She told her best friend that she had a crush on her brother. Then she got a note from her secret admirer, Jo-C-rox.

I like this book because it has to do with becoming a princess and what it is like to be a princess. I think this book is very interesting because you will learn the responsibility of becoming a princess. My favorite part was when she got a note from the admirer. This book is a New York Times Best-Seller.

I recommend this book to ten-year-old girls through the ages of fifteen-years-old. The reason I recommend this book to those ages is because younger kids would not understand the meaning of this book.