1 Arthur Goes to Camp

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Arthur Goes to Camp

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by student in The Sharks

Arthur Goes to Camp

This book is about when Arthur goes to camp. There are two different camps, Camp Meadowcroak, and Camp Horsewater. Arthur goes to Camp Meadowcroak. At first he didn?t want to go because he thought he?d be scared.

On his way to camp he sees his friend Buster there and there was a new kid with a hundred new comic books in his locker. The boy?s counselor is meaner than the girl?s counselor. There are amphibians in the boy?s tent. The girls kept winning the competitions, and Francine called Arthur four eyes. The girls thought the boys put a smoke bomb in their tent, and the boys thought the girls hung up their clothes on the pole. At night they all heard footsteps so they got scared. The boys realized that the girls didn?t hang up their clothes. The girls realized that the boys didn?t put a stink bomb in their tent. To find out what happens read the book!

My favorite part is when Arthur tried to sneak away, because it was funny when they found him. This book is the same as Arthur?s Halloween because Buster was dressed up like a monster and Arthur got scared and he ran away. It?s funny because Arthur writes letters to his parents and his parents don?t answer back and they just leave him there.

I think my brother would like this book because he got homesick when he went to camp too, and he got caught when he tried to run away. My baby cousin also likes this book because when I read it to him he laughs. Anyone that goes to camp will like this book because they can relate to Arthur. I think anyone who has read other books about Arthur will also like this book.

(anne marie)