1 Are You My Mother?

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Are You My Mother?

Written by P.D. Eastman

Illustrated by P.D. Eastman

Reviewed by EF4 (age 9)

Are You My Mother?

This book is about a little chick who's mom went to look for food because her egg was growing up. The chick hatched out of the egg and didn't know where it's mother was. It went around asking lots of different animals and things, "Are you my mother?" It asked a cat, a chicken, a dog, and a cow. He saw an old car but he didn't stop. He just ran on and on. Then he saw a boat and he called the boat. The boat did not stop. He was in a bulldozer and was yelling for his mother. The bulldozer dropped him in his nest. After that, the Mother found the baby chick in the nest. This story has a happy ending.

I liked this book because it was fun to read. It kept repeating, "Are you my mother?" and it was funny. He kept asking other animals and they all said "No".

My favorite part was when the cow said, "No, I'm not your mom because I'm a cow and you don't look like me." I liked that part because it what the cow said to the chick was so funny.

This book is not like any other books I have read. The words are pretty easy. The pictures are fine, too. I think the author did a good really good book because it has a happy ending.

This book made me feel glad that I have a mother. My mom does nice things for me just like this mom does for her baby. When I am sick, my mom takes care of me.

This story made me wonder about the time that my mother told me about how my uncle was lost one time. He was just with some friends, though.

Other people should read this book because it will make them smile. This book is really funny. The chick was asking for help and at the end, he found his mom.

I think that my friends would like to read this book because they like stories with great pictures and happy endings. Read this book!