1 Hunchdog of Notre Dame

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Hunchdog of Notre Dame

Written by Michael Jan Friedmen

Reviewed by Darby D. (age 8)

Hunchdog of Notre Dame

This book is about a dog named Wishbone. Wishbone finds a friend named Nathaniel who is trying to fit it on a hockey team. Nathaniel doesn't fit it on the hockey team because he keeps falling down.

Wishbone starts daydreaming that he is Quasimodo. He is so interested in his daydream he doesn't know his friend Joe is having a problem. Joe's friend, Samantha, has been hanging out with Nathaniel for a week. Will Joe be able to solve his problem? Will Wishbone save Esmerelda in his dream? Find out when you read this book.

I like this book because it is about a dog named Wishbone. He is a funny daydreamer and he is a hero. My favorite part was when Wishbone saved Esmerelda in his dream. I like this book because it was suspensful.

If you like adventure stories you should read this book.