1 Captain Underpants

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Captain Underpants

Written by Dave Pilkey

Reviewed by Matt D. (age 10)

Captain Underpants

There are two kids named George and Harold. They pull a lot of pranks. One day they pulled a really huge prank. Their principal caught them. He tortured them. George had an idea. He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket that told how to buy 3-D hypno ring. George and Harold bought the hypno ring and changed their principal into Captain underpants. Captain underpants jumped out of the window and went off to fight evil.

I think the lesson to be learned is, think before you do something, because George and Harold turned their principal into Captain Underpants and it caused them a lot of mayhem and gave me laughs. I think the book is good because it has adventures and its super funny and that?s what I like. Captain Underpants found 2 robbers coming out of the bank. They saw him and fell down laughing. They were arrested and he was almost arrested for being underdressed. In another adventure. Captain Underpants got his underwear caught on the bad guys truck and went to Doctor Poppy Pants' hide out. My favorite part was when Harold shot the fake dog, Dodo the hideout. I think it was the funniest part.

I like George and Harold because they?re really smart and they pull the best pranks. They remind me of me and my friend Dan. The illustrations are very funny. The backgrounds make the picture look so real. I think it?s unique because of the language and especially the pictures and characters. The interesting part is when they change their principal into Captain underpants. The author wrote another book called The Silly Goose. It has the same funny pictures and the same language.

Captain Underpants is the first book in the series. It tells you how the adventure started. In each of the other books in the series there are different stories and adventures. I laughed and wondered what if this had happened to me. I wondered what would happen next.

When I read the book it made me think what would happen in the other books of the series. I think people who have a good sense of humor will like this book because it's very funny. I recommend this book to people who like to laugh because this book will make you laugh.