1 Vacation Under the Volcano

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Vacation Under the Volcano

Written by Mary Pope Osborn

Reviewed by Mike H. (age 10)

Anne and Jack got up in the morning and went over to the tree that had the magic tree house. They climbed the ladder to the treehouse. When they got to the top Jack opened up a book and saw a picture of a volcano. He said, ?I wish I could go there?. The tree house started to spin and then it stopped. They were there at the volcano. When they got out of the tree house they got into different adventures. Jack and Anne where walking through town. They were looking around. Towards the end of the book a volcano that was close to town started to erupt. The whole town shook and lava started pouring off the top of the volcano. Jack and Anne started to run. Read this book to find out what happens.

I liked this book because the characters got into different adventures. The kind of books that Mary Pope writes are very exciting. I love adventure books.

If you like adventures I recommend this book. If you like this book remember there are many ?Magic Tree House" books to enjoy because this is just one of a series.