1 All of a Kind Family

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All of a Kind Family

Written by Sydney Taylor

Illustrated by Hele John

Reviewed by Jessica S. (age 11)

The story is about a girl named Sarah, with four sisters and her mother. Sarah has lost a library book. She has to pay one dollar for the book but she only makes a penny a day so her sisters try to help her get the money. But it wasn?t Sarah?s fault she lost it. You would want to read to this book because, it has an artistic style is really interesting.

I liked the book because it?s really interesting once you start to read it you read it for a long time I love that book a whole lot.

My favorite character was at the end of the book when their brother was born. I liked all characters because they were cool, hard working characters.

It is kind of like a book I read called ?Sarah and John?, it is about a sister helping her brother care for the house when their mother leaves town. The brother (John) is the oldest but he even needs help even if he thinks he can do it himself for a raise on his allowance. I felt I was glad I read the book it was real interesting. It doesn?t really remind me of anything in my life but sometimes my little brother helps me when I need help. The book does make me wonder about their life, and I recommend the book because it?s real interesting and it is about love and family. I think people who like spending time with family and loves books would enjoy this book. I think you will love this book because the characters are special. And the settings are amazing too.

I recommend this book to 8 years and above.