1 Dear Mr. Henshaw

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Dear Mr. Henshaw

Written by Beverly Cleary

Reviewed by Salvador O. (age 13)

Hi, I will be talking about a book called Dear Mr. Henshaw. It is about a boy that is named Leigh Botts. His mom and dad have split up. Leigh lives with his mom. His dad drives a truck and only comes to visit when he has a close job. Leigh has a dog that is named Bandit. The person that he writes to is an author named Mr. Henshaw. He can only write to him when he has time.

My favorite part is when they find Leigh's dog. His dad said he had lost it on the road. I like the part when his dad goes to where Leigh lives. He brings back Leigh's dog.

I like the book because it is about a boy that writes to an author.

I would recommend the story to people that like to write to authors.