1 Power and Glory

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Power and Glory

Written by Emily Rodda

Illustrated by Geoff Kelly

Reviewed by Ayla C. (age 11)

Power and Glory

A boy got a video game that he always wanted. It was called Power and Glory. When he put the game in the machine he had to fight the bad guys and went through all these obstacles, but his mom yelled and he had to quit the game. After that, he played again and he went through even more obstacles. But then, his brother yelled. Later, he played again and went through even MORE obstacles. But then his sister yelled. After a while he played again and went through EVEN MORE obstacles, but his dog barked to go on a walk. After that, he went through EVEN MORE obstacles, but then his dad wants to go play golf. Finally, he gets to play again and eventually gets through all the obstacles and defeats the game.

I liked this book a lot, it was an exciting adventure story. My favorite part was when he won the game because I usually win games when I play them. I liked the pictures in this book, they really described what the boy was doing.

I would recommend this book to all the people who like playing games. You will really like this book if you like to play video games. You might be able to relate to the boy in this story if you get interrupted.