1 Armadillo Rodeo

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Armadillo Rodeo

Written by Jan Brett

Reviewed by Alejandro C. (age 8)

Armadillo Rodeo

This is a story about an armadillo and a girl. The armadillo's name is Bo. Bo follows the girl because he thinks her red boot is his friend. Then his mother came and Bo took the scarf from the boot and put it around his neck!

I liked this book because it's fun. My favorite part was when the armadillo followed the girl. The author wrote "The Mitten" and "The Hat," too. The pictures are the same in those books. Jan Brett draws very nicely.

I think my class should read this book because it's fun! They would like it because the armadillo is funny. He does things like rolls down a hill. If you like the desert, you will like this book.