1 So Far from the Sea

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So Far from the Sea

Written by Eve Bunting

Illustrated by Chris K. Soentpiet

Reviewed by Joseph B. (age 9)

So Far from the Sea

The family in this book is Japanese-American and is visiting an old war camp. The kids' grandfather fought in World War II.

When the family goes back to the old war camp, they flash back to when the kids' grandfather was in World War II. The father remembers back too and tells a little bit about what it was like.

Back in the time of World War II, the governor thinks the Japanese-Americans are helping Japan and puts them in a camp. The Japanese-Americans felt like it was unfair.

The paintings in So Far From the Sea are very realistic. I thought they looked like real people. Their faces looked the most realistic.

As I read the book it made me wonder what life was like in World War II. I wondered if life was hard back then and how the Japanese felt when they were put into camps.

I liked the book because it seemed like real life. I also like books with detailed drawings. I also liked the book because it was based on a real time period.

I recommend this book to kids in third grade to fifth grade. I also recommend this book to people who like stories that are based on a real time period. I think people that like realistic drawings will like this book.