1 Who is Ready?

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Who is Ready?

Written by Katherine Lewis

Illustrated by Leslie Alfred Mcgrath

Reviewed by Levon M. (age 12)

My story is about who is ready for school and who is not. I am asking you to read this book because it will help you get ready for school. I love the illustrations in the book because the pictures are very colorful. The pictures will help those kids who read it get read for school every day.

The big idea or lesson learned from the story is that do not be late or the bus is going to leave you. One of the specific details that stays in my mind about the book has to do with the fact that Robert got left behind because he was not ready for the bus to pick him up. Robert did not understand the importance of wakening up on time. The bus always left him because of his lazy attitude. Did he ever learn the importance of getting ready on time? Did he understand that he needed the bus to get to school? Find out if Robert ever learns his lesson.

I will like to recommend children of all ages to read this book. I am positive that they will love it .Children will learn about being on time for any thing that is important.

Levon M.
is a student in
Union Chapel