1 An Alphabet of Dinosaurs

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An Alphabet of Dinosaurs

Written by Peter Dodson

Illustrated by Wayne D. Barlowe

Reviewed by Jose S. (age 12) & Diego M. (age 10)

Have you ever heard of a dinosaur named Zephyrosaurus? You will if you read the book An Alphabet of Dinosaurs. This book is also about an alphabet of different dinosaurs and gives information about several dinosaurs. There is no lesson to be learned, but it is very interesting because it had facts about dinosaurs and prehistoric times.

We thought this was very educational. We also thought this book was very good because we like dinosaurs. Our favorite part was when they mentioned the dinosaurs Deinonychus and T-rex. We chose them because they look cool and vicious. They also have cool looking claws. The illustrations were really well drawn. It seemed like the pictures were popping out at you.

We recommend this book to anyone who likes science and to kids who likes dinosaurs. You can find out more if you read the book at your local library.