1 Ashanti

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Written by Ashanti Ashanti

Illustrated by Ashanti

Reviewed by Chantel P. (age 10)


This is a very good book I think you should read it because this book is about Ashanti?s relationships during her childhood. She is falling in and out of relationships. Her boyfriend Sean had a lungs problem. She had other problems with boys in her life too. I?m not going to tell you every thing that happens at the end. But I will tell you this there is one kind of love that endures forever no matter what and that is Ashanti?s family love for her. They care about her and they support her records.

Here is a little tip for you to keep your head up and keep walking with pride in you and if someone says you never make it just say "whatever" and keep walking. The thing that I like about it is she is my favorite singer. The pictures are great. Ashanti is quiet. Her little sister and parents act the same as Ashanti.

Chantel P.
is a student in
Union Chapel