1 Racso and the Rats of NIMH

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Racso and the Rats of NIMH

Written by Conly Jane Leslie

Illustrated by Leonard Lubin

Reviewed by Justin H. (age 10)

Racso and the Rats of NIMH

This book is about two rats named Racso and Timothy. Timothy is on his way to N.I.H.M., a rat school. On his way, he meets and saves Racso from some rapids. Racso really wants to go to N.I.H.M., too. When they get there, Racso gets to stay. Racso tries to make friends, but he only makes a few. People try to flood the river next to N.I.H.M. Racso and other rats are chosen to help save the school. One lesson from this story is that helping others will pay off in the end. Read the book to find out if they save N.I.H.M.

I liked this book because it has a lot of adventure and it has a great ending. My favorite part was when Racso tried to teach other rats things that he did in the city, such as what he ate and the games he played. When I read this book, I felt that I wanted to look ahead and see what happens next.

I recommend this book to you if you like to read adventures or if you like sad endings, because this book has both those things. In the story, you might like learning about how they saved N.I.H.M. or the setting in the mountains or in the woods.