1 Sunwing

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Written by Kenneth Oppel

Reviewed by Chris S. (age 11)


In the beginning a young bat named Shade Silverwing wants to see the sun. When he does the bat-eating owls burn tree haven, the bats? home, to the ground. The silverwing colony has to find a new tree haven. On their search they get caught in a building by humans. They think this is all part of the promise made by their bat god, Nocturna. The bats think it?s paradise until something strange starts to happen in the human?s building. When Shade finds out what's going on he has to find a way out. He manages to get out when the humans take him and a hundred other bats in a helicopter way up in the sky. Then they dump all the bats out over a building. When Shade and Chinook survive, they realize they are in the jungle. That's where Goth, the cannibal bat, lives. You?ll have to read the book to find out more.

This book is full of high-flying moments. Like when all the cages in the helicopter fall out and the bats find a way out. And when Shade and Marina fly through the water-fall. It is the superb sequel to Silverwing. The suspense makes you want to never put the book down. It is very good reading. The book starts out slow but then it keeps getting better and better. If you like fantasy books you?ll love this book.