1 Report to the Principal's Office

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Report to the Principal's Office

Written by Jerry Spinelli

Reviewed by Steven P. (age 11)

Report to the Principal's Office

This story is about four fifth grade kids that have just come to a new school. A kid named Pickles likes inventing things, but he is cool and everyone knows him. Eddie is smart and worries a lot. Sunny has a very short fuse and can turn on you in the blink of an eye. Salem is a writer. She writes about real people but uses different names. Once she starts writing, nothing can stop her.

Sunny and her friend Hillary go to different middle schools after they have been in the same class for a long time. Sunny refuses to take a shower or wash until they are in the same school together again and wears the same clothes every day. Eddie wants to be back at his old school with only one teacher and not in such a big school. The principal Mr. Brimlow has picked the four kids to be his friends and tries to keep them happy.

This book is about kids my age with the same kind of problems. I think this book is for fourth, fifth, and sixth graders who like funny and realistic fiction books.

I recommend this book because it is funny, realistic, the characters act like regular kids, and it is a real page turner.