1 Amelia's Notebook

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Amelia's Notebook

Written by Marissa Moss

Illustrated by Marissa Moss

Reviewed by Celeste R. (age 7) & Eugenie T. (age 7)

Amelia's Notebook

Amelia is moving and she doesn't like it. She wants to move back to her old house. She misses her best friend, Nadia. At her new school she has very nice teachers but the cafeteria food is disgusting! Amelia is angry because her sister Cleo found a best friend before her, and hey that's no fair! She is also mad because she can't go to Nadia's birthday party. She thinks, "If I had a birthday party who would come?" Is Amelia moving back to her old house or not? Read this book and find out!

We like the part when there is a picture of a letter to Nadia and it had an arrow pointing to it saying "De-liver De-letter De-sooner De-better" because it's very silly how instead of using "deliver the letter the sooner the better," she puts "De" in front of each word. We both like the part when Amelia uses the soap from the hotels. Eugenie says she used to do that on summer vacation. We think it is a very good book and Amelia is a very funny character. Celeste likes when Amelia's sister ate hamburgers and french fries every time they went to a restaurant because Amelia kept saying, "Boooooooring."

We recommend this book to people who have their own PRIVATE! TOP SECRET! notebook. In the book the paper even looks like real notebook paper. This book is hilarious. One example is when Amelia told her sister she's going to turn into a big fat hamburger. If you like to laugh, this book is definitely for you.