1 No Dogs Allowed

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No Dogs Allowed

Written by Jane Cutler

Illustrated by Tracey Campbell Pearson

Reviewed by Alex L. (age 9)

No Dogs Allowed

This book is about two brothers named Jason and Edward. They want a dog but they are both allergic to dogs. Their mom says no, but they beg and beg. She always says NO! One day, on the way to swimming lesson they go past a pet shop but his brother told him no. You'll have to read the rest of the story to see if the boys get a dog or not.

I like this book because it is like my life. My sister fights with me. We fight about toys and who gets what book. My favorite part was when they went into the pet shop and they started sneezing. One of the characters reminds me of myself because we have the same feelings. I often get mad at my sister and boss her around just like Jason.

I recommend this book to third grade or up because if you like pets you will like this book. I think this book is good because this book is kind of like your life if you have a little brother or sister.