1 Ralph S. Mouse

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Ralph S. Mouse

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky

Reviewed by Kayla T. (age 9)

Ralph S. Mouse

The name of my book is Ralph S. Mouse. Have you ever taken a mouse to school? Well, Ryan has. Ralph [the mouse] had a play motorcycle that Ryan gave to Ralph so he could ride it. Ralph's pesky cousins kept on saying "I want a turn, I want a turn or else we'll tell your mother!" Ralph knows how to talk in this story because he has been around a lot of people. One day Ralph got so mad at his cousins that he asked Ryan if he could go to school with him. He does that very same day. After a couple of weeks, Ralph runs a maze and he does it, but he cheats because he jumps instead of runs. Ryan and Brad got in a fight and Brad breaks Ralph's motorcycle in two because it was in Ryan's pocket. Brad didn't know that Ralph's motorcycle was in Ryan's pocket until Ryan told him. Brad goes out and buys.......you'll just have to read the story to find out what Brad gets Ralph.

My favorite part was when Ralph got stuck in a roll of tape and had to chew his way out. I thought this part was funny and amazing that a mouse could get stuck in a roll of tape in the library. This book is like other books in the same series by the same author because she includes Ralph and Ryan, but in some of the other books she adds new characters. My favorite character is Ralph because he has to run a maze, sleep in a boot, and he gets stuck in a roll of tape. I can't wait until Beverly Cleary has her next book out ready to read.

I recommend this book to all boys and girls that like adventure books about animals and humans.