1 Fudge-A-Mania

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Written by Judy Blume

Reviewed by James B. (age 10)


This book is about two brothers who are taking a trip. They are going to share a cabin with someone one of the brothers doesn't like. This book is also about meeting a famous baseball player that Fudge's brother really likes. They all get to play a baseball game with Big Al the baseball player. You will also meet Fudge's bird. The bird's name is Uncle Feather. This bird talks in Spanish! The bird is considered part of Fudge's family and they take him on a trip. When they get there everyone gets along but Fudge's brother and Shila. In the end .....sorry you'll have to read the book to find out!

My favorite part is when Fudge and his brother and some friends played Fudge-A-Mania. This is my favorite part because it was funny. It is funny because Fudge gets so dizzy he falls. This book is a part of a series. It's the series of Fudge books. The series is similar because it has just about the same characters. I thought this was a good book because some of the names are funny. For example, Shila. It is also a good book because funny things happens. An example is when Fudge's brother makes up a story. That's why I think this is a good book. I recommend this book to boys and girls. I recommend it because it is funny. If you like realistic fiction this is a book for you.