1 Storm in the Night

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Storm in the Night

Written by Mary Stolz

Illustrated by Pat Cummings

Reviewed by Andre W. (age 8)

This book is about a boy named Thomas and his grandfather. Thomas has a cat named Ringo. It is a dark, stormy night and it is raining, thundering and lightening. All of a sudden the electricity goes out and they are both left in the dark. Thomas pretends that he is not afraid but his grandfather knows that he is. So, grandfather decides to tell him a story about when he was a boy and about a time when he was very afraid.

There was a big storm outside and he was afraid to go out of the house and look for his dog Melvin. Melvin was lost in the storm. Finally a stranger found Melvin and brought him home. The reason grandfather told him this story was because he wanted Thomas to tell the truth about his feelings and express that he was afraid about being in the dark. In the end, Thomas admitted that he was a little bit afraid.

The lesson of this story is that everyone is afraid sometimes and that it is okay to be scared. We liked this book because we are afraid of things too and it is a real story about people. It reminded us of when we were little and we were afraid of the dark, storms, and "monsters."

We recommend this book because it teaches children to be brave and tell the truth when they feel afraid about something. It is a good book for both kids and grown-ups and we want our parents to read this story. So just remember kids, when you grow up tell your grandchildren a story about when you were young and afraid so you can help them not to be!