1 Shoeshine Girl

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Shoeshine Girl

Written by Clyde Bulla

Illustrated by Jim Burke

Reviewed by James B. (age 8) & Ezra R. (age 8)

Shoeshine Girl

This book is about a girl named Sarah Ida. She goes to find a job because she wants money. Then something horrible happens and Sarah has to run the shoeshine stand by herself. It?s hard to do something all by yourself. Read this book to find out what happens in Sarah Ida?s summer adventure!

James likes this book because of Sarah Ida?s willingness to get a job. Ezra liked the part when Sarah decided to continue working at the shoeshine stand. We both thought that the change in Sarah Ida?s character was appreciated by all the characters in the story.

If you care about money, you might like this book. If you care about people, you might feel sad while reading this book. We think this book is good for third graders and up. If you like chapter books, this book is just the ticket!