1 Little House by Boston Bay

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Little House by Boston Bay

Written by Melissa Wilder

Reviewed by Jessica T. (age 10)

Little House by Boston Bay

Imagine this: the British are attacking you and blocking some of your food supplies. Well that?s what happens in this book. Five-year-old Charlotte Tucker lives just outside Boston in Roxbury. Charlotte has a favorite dinner night. That night is Saturday. They always have a special meal on Saturday. Some of the foods and drinks they have are apple cider, molasses, and butter for bread. Charlotte secretly thought of this as the Saturday night family. One night the molasses was missing! Charlotte was about to say something about it but her brother said it first. He said, ?Lynda you forgot the molasses.? ?I did not! There is no more, ? Charlotte gasped! ?Why?? She asked. ?Because the British are blockading so no ships can get in.? Now she felt bad inside. What are we going to do mama? To find out what the Tuckers do about this problem read this book.

I really like this book because I like pioneer time book and that?s what time period this book takes place in. When I read this book I felt like I was in the book watching every move the characters where making. This book is part of a series. This book is similar to the other books in the series. It was filled with many fun and exiting surprises.

I recommend this book because it has exiting and fun surprises. The kind of person who would like to read this book is a person who likes pioneer time books.