1 Anne Frank, Life in Hiding

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Anne Frank, Life in Hiding

Written by Johanna Hurwitz

Illustrated by Vera Rosenberry

Reviewed by Alvin C. (age 11)

Anne Frank, Life in Hiding

This story is about a girl named Anne. She and her family were running away from the Nazis, because the Nazis wanted to take Jewish people out of Europe. Anne would stay at one place, and then go on to another. If she and her family were caught they would be made slaves. The Nazis did not like Jewish people living with them. Every night Anne would write in her diary about all she had done since her family was hiding.

Anne and her family did not survive, only her father did. Anne died of disease and mistreatment after she was sent to a concentration camp.

This story reminds me of my friend Nina who always ran across the street when we were playing in the park, and I never knew why.I recommend this story for children of the ages of 10-12. It has lots of details, and it is a real story too. It makes you feel like you are in the story when you read it.

I recommend that all kids should read this book, or have it read to them, because it is packed with things to think about. I feel they will learn about how it wasn?t right for the Nazis to take the Jews from their homes and make them slaves. I feel sorry for Anne and her family who had to hide every day. If I were Anne I would be scared, because I wouldn?t want people looking for my family and me like we were criminals, just because of who I am. When kids read this book they might learn that life is not always fair.