1 Spiders: A Portrait of the Animal World

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Spiders: A Portrait of the Animal World

Written by Paul Sterry

Illustrated by various photographers

Reviewed by Wyatt D. (age 7)

Spiders: A Portrait of the Animal World

You will think spiders are cool after you read this book. It has information about lots of spiders. The book tells you where they live. It also tells you which ones are poisonous. You can look up almost any spider in this book! You can also find out where they live, how big they get, and what they eat and do.

I think this book is really good because I like arachnids. My favorite part in the book is about the wolf spider. The reason I like this part best is because I have wolf spiders in my front and backyards. This book helped me learn alot of new things about wolf spiders. It does not have illustrations. It uses real photographs so that you can see exactly what each spider looks like.

If you like spiders then this is the book for you. I would recommend this book to very good second grade readers and older kids because it has some very hard words. If you cannot read all the hard words by yourself, but like spiders, you can get an older brother or sister or your parents to read it to you.