1 Six-Dinner Sid

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Six-Dinner Sid

Written by Inga Moore

Reviewed by Lilly S. (age 7)

Six-Dinner Sid

Sid is a normal cat who has six dinners every day. Then one day Sid catches a cold. The next thing he knows is that he is being taken to the vet. Not just once, but six times in six different ways because he lives with six different neighbors. That's why he has six different dinners each day. Then one day he is found out and the neighbors decide to feed him only once each day. Sid doesn't like this idea, so he moves to a new street. You'll have to read the rest of the story to find out what happens next.

I like this book because I like cats. I have two at home. One of them reminds me of Sid because he is the same color as my cat Sid. I think this book is funny because Sid has six dinners. None of my cats could ever eat six dinners! I like the illustrations, too. They are pastel colors of orange, blue, pink, yellow,and green. One thing that was a surprise to me about this story was that the neighbors didn't talk to each other. I always thought that neigbors talked to each other because my neighbors always talk to me.

I recommend this book to kids who like cats because cat lovers will understand Sid. If you like pastel colors you will like this book, too. The author/illustrator of this book has also illustrated another book called AWAY IN A MANGER. It might be fun to look at those illustrations and see how they are alike or different from the pastel drawings in this book.