1 Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

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Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

Written by Leo Lionni

Illustrated by Leo Lionni

Reviewed by Shiori N. (age 7)

Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

This is a story about a mouse named Alexander and a wind-up mouse named Willy. Alexander, at first, wants to be a wind-up mouse like Willy because Willy sleeps in a warm bed. But when Alexander finds out that Willy was going to get thrown away, he went to the magic lizard so Willy could become a real live mouse. The lizard asked Alexander to find a purple pebble. And guess what he saw by the box that Willy was in? A PURPLE PEBBLE!!! So Alexander picked up the purple pebble and went to the bush that the magic lizard was under, and wished that Willy the wind-up mouse turned into a real mouse. And when he went back to his mousehole, there was a real mouse, which was Willy.

I think the story is great because the wind-up mouse turns into a real mouse by a magic lizard. And they happily ever after from then on.

I recommend this book to kids that like cute mice. Even the pictures have cute mice like Alexander. Maybe real mice aren't cute. Or maybe they are.