1 Arthur and the School Pet

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Arthur and the School Pet

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by MYR (age 7)

Arthur and the School Pet

In Arthur's class they had a pet. It was a gerbil. Arthur took the pet home over Christmas break. The gerbil escaped from it's cage because D. W. opened the cage. They had to look everywhere for it. They found it in the Christmas tree. It kept getting lost and they kept finding it.

The gerbil was too much trouble. I had a pet gerbil but my dad got rid of it because it didn't get along with our bird. This reminds me of my gerbil. I miss him and would like to have another one. I have read other Arthur books before and I like them a LOT! My favorite book was Arthur's Birthday. I also liked Arthur's Kiss.

My brother would like this book. This book is special because it comes with stickers.