1 Clifford and the Big Parade

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Clifford and the Big Parade

Written by Norman Bridwell

Reviewed by Mark G. (age 6)

Clifford and the Big Parade

I read Clifford and the Big Parade. In the town where Clifford lived, they were going to have a parade to celebrate the towns 100th birthday. All of the people dressed up so they could look the way the people did 100 years ago. I liked it when Emily Elizabeth put a fake beard on Clifford!

My favorite part was when Clifford was in the pie eating contest, and he picked up the table and dumped all of the pies in his mouth. He was the champion pie eater! I liked this book because it reminded of the time when we had a parade in our town. I liked watching the parade because it was fun to see all of the floats, and horses in the parade. There were floats and horses in Clifford's parade too.

I think if you like to watch parades, you will like this book. If you like Clifford books, you will like this book also because he is the main character, and he does lots of funny things!