1 Belinda the Ballerina

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Belinda the Ballerina

Written by Amy Young

Illustrated by Amy Young

Reviewed by Mackenzie H. (age 5)

Belinda the Ballerina

There was a ballerina named Belinda who had big feet. The judges didn't like her big feet. They told her to go home. They said "You will never be a dancer, not with those big feet." She cried all the time. She found a new job at Fred's Fine Food. Fred's friends played music and Belinda danced while she was working. Somebody asked her to dance on stage. She was happy again.

The lesson that I learned from this story is that you can be anything you want to be.

I liked this story because it had a happy ending. I liked the pictures of Belinda dancing with her silly big feet. I think that the judges had funny names. They were Sir Fostercheese, George Peach Crumbcake, and Winona Busywitch. They said that Belinda's feet were as big as boats and like flippers. That made me laugh.

I would recommend this story to my friends because it is a happy story.