1 Hotel Animal

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Hotel Animal

Written by Keith DuQuette

Illustrated by Keith DuQuette

Reviewed by R.D. (age 15)

Hotel Animal

Hotel Animal is a story about two lizards, Camille and Leon Lizardo. They work very hard at their insect market. They work long hours. They decide they need a vacation. After closing up their market, packing up their best clothes, they leave for vacation. They drive and drive in their little blue car. They are so happy to be going on vacation. They want to rest and have fun. They are going to Hotel Animal, the favorite vacation spot for all animals.

When they arrive they are shocked at how big everything is! They are just little tiny lizards and all the other animals are huge! Camille and Leon are finally having a good time in the ballroom dancing, their favorite dance,the jitterbug, when something frightening happens to Camille. But I won't tell you what! You will have to read the book for yourself.

I really liked this book! I liked Camille and Leon Lizardo because they look just like my two real pet lizards. Except my pets don't drive a car! I like how the art looks, it's very colorful and detailed. I like all the animals in the book, they look real. It is a very good story with a surprise ending.

I would recommend this book for the animal lover in everyone! You will fall in love with Camille and Leon. I wish there was a Hotel Animal Part 2. The illustrations are very real looking. This is a good book.