1 Owlbert

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Written by Richard Harris

Illustrated by Karl Josef Havat

Reviewed by Morgan H. (age 8), Leah L. (age 9) & Sarah B. (age 8)


A boy named Nicholas wants a pet. One day, Nicholas finds an orphaned owlet in a hole in a tree. Nicholas takes the baby owlet and names him Owlbert after his father. Nicholas has to keep Owlbert a secret from his parents, so he puts him in a crate in his tree house. He thought his parents would never go up there in a hundred years. Nicholas finds feeding and caring for Owlbert to be a tough job. Find out if Nicholas gets to keep Owlbert by reading this book. Remember the title, "Owlbert!" We all liked this book a lot because the illustrations were drawn with black ink and then colored. The drawings were really beautiful. We've never seen any book like it.

We all liked Owlbert as our favorite character because he was the cutest character mentioned. Owlbert changed by eating more and getting bigger. Our favorite part was when Nicholas found Owlbert because it made us happy. We've never heard of any book like it. The illustrations on each page showed what the author was saying. We felt sad in the beginning because Nicholas couldn't get a pet. It reminds me of when I saw a baby chahuahua and it looked like it was abandoned, but it had an owner (Sarah). It makes me wonder if I were Nicholas what would I do? I would take care of him too (Morgan).

I recommend this book to children in fifth grade and below(Sarah). We don't recommend this book to teens because it might be too babyish. I recommend this book to children that are just learning how to speak English because it would teach them a lot of words that they might be learning(Leah). I recommend this book to people who like animals(Morgan).

Morgan H., Leah L. and Sarah B.
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