1 The Brand New Kid

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The Brand New Kid

Written by Katie Couric

Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman

Reviewed by Daniel C. (age 8) & Javier M. (age 8)

The Brand New Kid

Lazlo S. Gasky started a new school and in the beginning he was having a rough time. This book teaches you how to have a good relationship with new people when they come to school. We also think this is an exciting book because it teaches you a big lesson: to respect others and to be generous. When you read this book, you should pretend that you are Lazlo and see how you would feel.

We liked this book because it has great illustrations. The illustrations didn't look realistic, but we still liked them because they are funny. For example, some of the students on the bus are sitting upside down. Daniel and I think that Majorie Priceman spent her time on the illustrations because we both have thoughts and pictures in our heads that we will never forget. The Brand New Kid reminds both of us about times our brothers made fun of us and the feelings we had. Daniel likes the part where they make the picture of Lazlo because the drawing is funny, but mean, too. Most of the drawings are funny, even though the students were being mean. The children made fun of Lazlo because on some pages they laughed at Lazlo and threw spit balls at him. Javier and Daniel did feel sorry for Lazlo because he didn't fit in. We both think that the book is important for people to read because it teaches a lesson. Daniel also felt bad for Lazlo because he didn't have any friends.

We recommend this book to people who think they are different because people aren't usually that different from one another once you get a chance to know them. For example, in the book, when people at school began to realize that Lazlo wasn't so bad, the people started to be Lazlo's friend. Lazlo's friend turned out to be a girl named Ellie McSnelly. Read the book to find out more!!!

Daniel C. and Javier M.
are students in
Class C121