1 Perfect Pigs

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Perfect Pigs

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Stephen Krensky

Reviewed by Tom S. (age 8) & Matt P. (age 8)

Perfect Pigs

There are perfect pigs that aren't really perfect except for Mr. Perfect of course. The wordsof the story tell the pigs to do the right thing but the pictures show the wrong thing. The pigs are kind of dumb because a pig entered a bathroom without knocking. This book shows good manners in different places like around the house, with friends, during meals, and more. Some pages have funny signs and we made them in class. At the end of the book Mr. Perfect gets........... read the book to find out!!!

Our favorite part was on page 23, when there is a "kick me" sign on pigs back and a girl pig got stuck in a fence. It was funny, gross and weird. We liked the illustrations because they are funny and colorful. This book reminds us that no one is perfect except Mr. Perfect. We liked the book because it is funny. We liked the funny things that happened to the pigs.

We recommend this book to the people who like funny books or need to learn more about manners. We think the book is really good. Tom thinks the funny parts will interest the readers in many different ways. Matt likes the colorful illustrations. Prepare to wet your pants!!!

Tom S. and Matt P.
are students in
Class C121