1 Baby Tamer

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Baby Tamer

Written by Mark Teague

Illustrated by Mark Teague

Reviewed by Lara G. (age 9) & Priyanka C. (age 8)

Baby Tamer

Hooray! A baby-sitter named Amanda comes to baby-sit three young kids. Their names are Clarabelle, Zekey and Baby Lurleen. They are trying to drive Amanda the baby-sitter crazy because they don't like having a baby-sitter. Amanda keeps on yawning because she wants to ignore the kids. Clarabelle, Zekey and Baby Lurleen had enough of her. They are going to think of dangerous Plan Number Two. Clarabelle thinks of a dangerous plan. They bring animals from different countries to drive Amanda crazy. For example, they bring penguins and shove them in the freezer. Would the plan work this time or will she yawn again?

We both love this book because it is a comedy book and we love comedy books. We both like when Clarabelle, Zekey and Baby Lurleen were thinking about Plan Number Two because it describes their whole plan. We like Amanda because its funny when she keeps on yawning and the three of them want her to leave. My (Lara's) favorite illustration was when the parents are dashing to leave because their children are acting crazy and they want to leave their children. My (Priyanka's) favorite illustration was when the Eggmont children (Clarabelle, Zekey and Baby Lurleen) were getting mad at Amanda and they are showing their expressions. We like how the author puts the words creatively on each page. For example, when Zekey is playing the trumpet and the words are popping out of the instrument like crazy music.

We recommend this book to whoever likes crazy comedy on each and every page. We also recommend this book to people who want to be a baby-sitter or have a baby-sitter. We definitely recommend this book to people who like to think of plans to get what they want.

Lara G. and Priyanka C.
are students in
Class C122