1 Jumanji

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Written by Chris Van Allsburg

Illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg

Reviewed by Riku T. (age 7) & John Jay P. (age 7)


There were two kids named Judy and Peter. They found a game in the park behind the tree. They opened up the box and there were important directions. "Once a game of Jumanji is started it will not be over until one player reaches the golden city." The game Jumanji is about jungle animals. The animals come alive when Judy and Peter play the game. Judy and Peter felt scared and afraid when they were playing the game. Then Judy rolled the dice. The game board said "Monkeys steal food. Miss one turn." Then a real monkey came alive in their kitchen and the monkeys were stealing food. Judy and Peter wanted to finish the game because they wanted to get rid of the animals.

I (John-Jay) liked the book when the boy got bitten by the tsetse fly. Why did I like that part? I thought it was funny because Peter fell asleep. I (Riku) liked the book because in Judy and Peter's house it was raining. It's not supposed to. It flooded the house. We learned a lesson not to find a game board in the park and bring it home because weird things might happen or it might be someone else's game. It reminds me (John-Jay) of seeing the wild animals in the zoo.

We recommend this book to people who are scared and afraid and terrified by animals. Why? Because it is just a book and you can get your fears out.

Riku T. and John Jay P.
are students in
Class C101