1 Fin M'Coul - The Giant of Knockmany Hill

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Fin M'Coul - The Giant of Knockmany Hill

Written by Tomie dePaola

Illustrated by Tomie DePaola

Reviewed by Nicole K. (age 8) & Allison M. (age 7)

Fin M'Coul - The Giant of Knockmany Hill

A friendly giant named Fin M Coul has a smart and lovely wife named Oonagh. She gets very, very tricky. Cucullin is the bully who beats up other giants. He's the strongest giant in the world! Cucullin squishes a thunderbolt flat like a pancake and keeps it in his pocket to prove his strong strength. Cucullin got every giant, except for Fin M Coul! Cucullin adds Fin to his list. Now poor Fin M Coul is very, very worried.

Fin M Coul is a fairy tale book but yet not a fairy tale book. We think this is a good book for second grade and up because this is sort of a hard book. The book is very, very fun! Lower grades could enjoy this book if it is read to them. The pictures are so creative and colorful. If you read this book, you will know there is a lesson. You should NEVER, EVER be a bully because you never know what's going to happen!

Allison's favorite part was when Oonagh gets very, very tricky. Nicole's favorite part is when Oonagh puts frying pans in the bread and pretends the cheese is a rock. If you like books that are tricky, this is the right book for you!

Nicole K. and Allison M.
are students in
Class C102