1 The Greatest Treasure

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The Greatest Treasure

Written by Demi

Illustrated by Demi

Reviewed by Francesca I. (age 7)

It is about a rich man named Pang and all he does is count his money. He has five sons. His family was not happy. When his sons wanted to play with him he scowled because he wanted to count his money instead. Li is a poor man who plays his flute and he is happy. Pang wants Li to stop playing his flute because it makes him lose count of his money. Pang gives Li a bag of money and Li stops playing his flute for three days because he has to count his money. Li worries about what to spend his money on like an ox or six fat hens. He also worries about where to hide it. Li's oldest daughter said, "Will you play your flute?" But Li scowled and said, "I'm much too busy". Then he realized that the treasure was not making him happy. Li gave back the money and Li gave his own treasure to Pang.

I love when Li's wife tells his family, "Remember the great proverb my daughters, 'He who has heaven in his heart is never poor'". I like it because it tells that money is not important.

I think it's interesting because Li is first happy but then he not at all. I like the illustrations becuase they have some gold color that is so shiny. I love that color.

I think kids should read this book because it teaches you the difference between being rich and happy.

Francesca I.
is a student in
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