1 Everything on a Waffle

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Everything on a Waffle

Written by Polly Horvath

Reviewed by Keven D. (age 12)

Everything on a Waffle

In this story, Everything on a Waffle, it is about a girl whose parents had been lost at sea. There was a storm going on in Coal Harbour, British Columbia, when Primrose Squarp?s dad was out at sea. Her mother was worried, so she decided to go out on a rowboat and search for him. But when she goes out, she doesn?t come back. Her mom and dad are out lost at sea. Primrose has to live with a bunch of different people, like Miss Perfidy, her uncle Jack, and a couple named Evie and Bert. Almost every day after school, she would go to a restaurant named The Girl on the Red Swing and the owner, Miss Bowzer, would cook together. The story is called Everything on a Waffle because what ever you would get at that restaurant, it would come on a waffle. And also everyday, Primrose would go down to the docks and wait for her parents to come in riding on a whale?s back. Will Primrose ever get her parents back? You?re going to have to read the story to find out!

I thought this book was very interesting and I enjoyed reading it. I liked it because of all the different thoughts of the main character, Primrose. She would always hope for her parents to come home riding on a whale?s back. My favorite part was when Primrose lost her pinky toe. She was practicing to walk in big strides like her uncle Jack in the middle of the road, when a big truck came by and ran over her foot. As I read the book, it made me feel a little sad for Primrose. It made me think that what if I didn?t have my parents for that long.

I would recommend this book to anybody who likes a kind of sad book and an interesting one. Also, anyone who like to cook, because at the end of every chapter, it gives a recipe for a kind of food