1 The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby

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The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby

Written by Dav Pilkey

Illustrated by Dav Pilkey

Reviewed by Quan N (age 9)

The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby

Have you ever known a baby that is a super hero? Well, this book is about a boy that becomes a super baby. There was a mother and father who are having a baby. They had the baby, but one thing happened to him. The doctor gave him a life spank, but he slipped out of his hand and flew out the window. So this guy named Deputy found him so he took him and ran. If you read this book you will know if he becomes a super hero or not!

I think this book is funny for a kid that is interested in it. I felt like this was a funny book because it had funny parts like beating up giants. It reminded me of me being a born baby when I read it.

It is special for third graders and fourth graders because it is a great book to read and learn more about fiction. I recommend this book to you because it will make your imagination brighten up like a light bulb.