1 Stone Soup

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Stone Soup

Written by Ann McGovern

Illustrated by Ann McGovern

Reviewed by Amandah S. (age 8)

Stone Soup

This story is about two pigs named Molly and Max, who seemed to have been walking for a long time. When they got too tired, they came to a village and stopped. Not only were they tired, but they were also hungry. They see a lady, her baby, and a butcher first. They butcher hid his meat and the lady and her baby screamed. The banker saw them and his money. The village innkeeper hid his keys. The farmer's wife hid her garden vegetables when she saw them. the townspeople hid all of their food when they saw them also. They decided to get everyone's attention by ringing the town bell. When the townspeople heard the bell they all came running to see what was going on. Max and Moly told them how to make stone soup. They all gave Molly and Max their food to put into the soup. The people were stupid because they thought that the soup had been made from a stone. In other words, they had ben tricked. The innkeeper even gave them a room for sleep.

I think that you should read this book because it teaches a great lesson told at the end of the story. When the townspeople asked how they could thank them, Max and Molly told them to share their stone soup with everyone.

The pictures were cute and went well with the story. I think that it is important for people to share and learn to love and trust one another.