1 Foals in the Field

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Foals in the Field

Written by Ben M. Baglio

Reviewed by Paige F (age 8)

Foals in the Field

Foals in the Field is about a girl named Mandy and her friend Jake. Mandy loves horses and other animals. Bessie is her horse and Bessie is going to foal. When Bessie has her foals, two come out but the boy is very weak. The person that owns the stables where Bessie is is named Nick. The people who do not like Nick's stables are the Summers.

I think this is the best book ever MADE! I love horses which is why I loved this book! It is funny, cool, and it has a lot of cool animal friends. I had a fun time reading it.

I suggest people read this book. If you like horses this is for you.