1 Saving the Prairie Bandit

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Saving the Prairie Bandit

Written by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent

Reviewed by Raziel C. (age 8)

Saving the Prairie Bandit

This book is about ferrets. Did you know that some ferrets have green eyes but people want ferrets with black eyes.

This book makes me sad because lots of ferrets were dying because there were a lot of wolves and foxes eating them. Since I have seen a ferret before, I liked this book. I don't think a ferret would be a good pet because I learned that it can be hard to take care of them. My favorite part of the story was where the baby ferrets are born. Baby ferrets are smaller than your hand when they are born.

I recommend this book to kids that like ferrets because it has lots of details. You can learn a lot about ferrets if you read this book.