1 Rocks,Gems and Minerals

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Rocks,Gems and Minerals

Written by Herbert Zim

Illustrated by Raymond Perlman

Reviewed by Sean R (age 8)

Rocks,Gems and Minerals

I read a book called Rocks, Minerals and Gems. I liked this book because I am interested in learning about rocks. By reading this book, I found out how rocks are formed, as well as different kinds of rocks and where they are found. I learned that Igneous rocks are found and formed underground from volcanoes. Some rocks called Sedimentary are found along rivers. Some rocks are gem stones that are found,cut and polished to sell such as diamonds. Some rocks called Metamorphic are found deep underground.

I think that this book will teach about how to find rocks, what places have rocks, and also the kind of rocks that can be found in all different places.

If you like rocks, you'll love this book!